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Why small businesses choose Yousign

  • devices

    A simple and accessible application

    Yousign is a user-centric app with a clear, intuitive and simple design. It offers the best features of the electronic signature, optimised down to the last details.

  • security

    A legal and secure solution

    As a trusted third party and eIDAS-certified solution, we offer a reliable and secure solution to guarantee the confidentiality of your data and the legal value of your signatures.

  • zen

    A flexible and scalable offer

    Yousign's offer is commitment-free and suited for companies with variable needs. Easily manage your subscription, leave and come back whenever you want.

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A solution designed for small businesses

  • tracking

    Monitor your signature requests in real-time

  • validation-workflow

    Define signature workflows and order your signers

  • reminder

    Personalise your invitations and automate your reminders

  • backup

    Keep track of your signatures in a time-stamped evidence file

Apart from documents storage, Yousign is a real time saver when it comes to signing binding documents and improving internal and external processes.

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